back at it

Happy 2015!

Ideas for blog posts are always in the back of my mind, but it’s time to move them up to the front.  I have this quote from Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist on my personal vision board in my office:

Steal Like An Artist - “Do good work and share it with people”

I think my good work is coming along pretty nicely, but the sharing part needs a kick in the pants at the moment.  My students recently asked about this blog, and they were disappointed to hear that I wasn’t updating it regularly.  So let’s change that.

Next week the second semester begins.  Arctic Studies students are currently filling out a survey about what they have liked best about class so far, and what they hope to focus on during our remaining time together.  Early indicators show that they loved their first semester culminating project on polar exploration, and that they want to learn more about Arctic animals, people in the polar regions, and climate change.

I’m planning a series of posts about our class activities from late fall and early winter – stay tuned.


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